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Another year older, another year wiser?

Every #birthday is significant, because I tend to reflect on the person I've become. Through life experiences, the people you meet, the things you've seen, it shapes your personal growth. I am more than content with how this year's turned out, and looking back at all the hardships I've been through, it was definitely worth fighting for.

Be the best version of yourself, and be happy

Everyone has their personal struggles, be it you or me, social media is the place to see what people only want you to see. So don't compare yourself with the things you see; Only the past, present and future you matters. I've learnt to appreciate the people around me who actually love me for me. Those who aren't afraid to keep pushing you because they know you can be better, the ones who aren't afraid to tell you that you're wrong. The keepers are the ones who you don't need to see often, but you know are thinking of you, because friendships aren't built with text messages, it's with memories. T, this one's for you.

If you find yourself starting to compare yourself with others, the question is why. Don't you like who you are now? There is no shame in admitting to yourself that this isn't the best you can be, but there's always room for improvement. Even being happy with what you have now doesn't mean that you stop working on yourself. I'm always thinking about the missed opportunities and what I'd do in preparation for when another one arrises. Just don't settle. Life's all about that fight, and you just keep going.

Being in a long-term relationship means that change is inevitable, and you have to be ready to grow together. There's no secret on how to maintain one on top of work and your own social life. It's just plain understanding and the respect you have for one another's life. If you've found someone who wants to watch you shine like the star he believes you are, and isn't afraid of losing you because you've achieved "too much", hold onto that special someone and don't let go. Your happiness doesn't solely depend on your partner, but you're just happier with him/her. J, this one's for you.

Remember to love yourself before you let others love you (and it's not always about spending excessively). My me-time includes doing a mask at home, reading a book I like or just wrapping myself like a burrito and watching a show. That just gives me pure satisfaction on time well-spent giving myself the love I need.

I am completely grateful for the handful of people in my life. I don't need to name them all because they'd know who they are. If you've got a good bunch like I do, show them some love cause they deserve it. It doesn't mean that the passersby were any less significant, because at one point, they might have been someone important to you too; they were to me. Lastly, just free yourself from the negativities you might be drowning from.

Life's too short for bad vibes, so just celebrate being you

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