• Kimmy Pang


Updated: Nov 2, 2019

It’s about the convenience, a dash of personality and a whole lot of feeling good about yourself.

Over the years I’ve bought so many pieces of clothing without realising how much of a hoarder I’ve become. It’s come to the point where I realise I don’t actually love them; it was more of loving the idea of wearing a new piece of clothing for a holiday/occasion.

There are #trendsetters and trend followers. I’m neither. I think I’m always too late to hop onto the bandwagon, or I’m just choosing too many of the same pieces to add to my wardrobe. So there’s really no space for new ones. Either way, I think there should be a balance, cause you guys are reading this for a reason.

You know what they say: quality over quantity

And that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Yes, I do still shop for cheaper pieces if it’s just the basics, but I do also add pieces of a higher price point to my collection - not to the point when it’s just plain extortion, of course.

The one piece of advice I should emphasise on is to focus on you. Not the latest trends, cause trends phase out. Create your own style. Everyone has a specific taste, even if it's similar to everyone else's, there's always that hint of personality. Once you have that, own it. So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been investing on easy pieces. By easy, I mean, something that’s going to be trouble-free to put on, effortless to match and most importantly makes you feel good about yourself. Plus points if it has pockets. Cause girls, you’d know what I mean.

So these are the pieces that I was willing to spend on. I want to make my online purchases worth every penny, so I am pretty diligent in checking for reviews. I want to know what someone out there thought about their purchase before I put my money into it. Or sometimes I judge by its material and how it might work on me - cause everyone is different. It’s a lot of effort, I know, but I do find satisfaction and a sense of achievement in making the right purchases in the end (without the hassle of needing to return it).

I’m not expecting you lot to buy the exact same pieces, but I’ve added links (click on each photo to find out) to the websites I usually shop on. It’s definitely always a hit or miss when shopping online, and I’ve always loved knowing about where people usually shop, so at least I have choices when it comes down to deciding my pieces.

So there you go. Just some extra choices if you’re ever looking for your next #OOTD! x

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