• Kimmy Pang

A Year Ago

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

What were you doing a year ago?

I haven’t found blogging.

Never entertained the idea of putting up videos of myself - cause I’m generally pretty awkward when speaking to the camera.

Just got qualified as a pharmacist.

Started out with minimal savings again cause it all went to paying for my work visa.

Pretty much just unsure about how everything would turn out.

A year later..

Posting blogs almost every week and braved myself through filming videos for IGTV.

I randomly came across Wix (the blogging platform I’m using) after asking a friend her opinion about blogs. That idea spiralled into a new project - planning and designing my blog from scratch; even bought my own domain and everything. And I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out.

It was only recently that I got into filming IGTV videos. I realised most of my audience are Instagram-based. And some things are easier shown through video than in writing eg. Makeup/cooking tutorials.  Contrary to what others may think, I’m extremely shy talking in videos. It took a lot of courage to finally get it done. It’s such a challenge doing something whilst explaining the process! But I guess it’s all about the experience and I can only get better with time?! So do be patient with me as I grow. :)

What does it feel like a year after being qualified as a pharmacist?

Well, I never saw this coming when I was in university. Never thought I’d end up on this path and I guess it turned out pretty alright. People said I’ll learn as I go and it comes with experience. It’s the same pep talk that plays on repeat, but I’ve been there before, and it definitely rings true to me.

The uncertainty of not knowing what to expect next was the reason for my anxiety; but allowing myself to embrace new experiences helped my growth. I used to be afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone (still am a little), but being stuck in my old ways won't open new doors. Instead of shying away from difficult tasks/heavy responsibilities, I face them head on and in the process learned a whole lot; the achievement doesn't have to be acknowledged but it's certainly very satisfying.

Every expert was once a beginner

My goal is to have a good work life balance but that doesn’t mean spending all my savings just to live the best life. Money limits the things you can do and when you can move onto the next step of your life. With that constantly at the back of my mind, it’s the main reason I make sure to have savings every month; well, also to get through rainy days.

All that said, I’m still unsure where I’ll be the next 5, 10, 50 years down the line. And I’m sure most of you feel the same. One of the few things I’ve learnt in the past year is to refrain from staying too comfortable for too long and to say yes to new experiences.

The sky is definitely not your limit, your mind is.

Thanks for staying till the end x

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Much love xx

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