• Kimmy Pang

Beyond Valentine's

#heartsandkisses all year round

What is Valentine's to you? Do you love it/hate it/just don't care?

Love should be expressed all your round, not just on February the 14th. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy joining in on all the fun to be extra cheesy to loved ones. I'm sure everyone appreciates receiving a gesture of love especially from the ones they care about. But if you can do this all year round, why choose a time when businesses and restaurants go crazy with their price tags?

I'm the kind of girl who gets excited about celebrations that I'm practically celebrating every occasion there is throughout the year; and Valentine's is no different (guilty, hehe)! To those who are on the same boat as I am, no one is stopping you from doing things a little more extravagantly on Valentine's, nor judge you for doing anything low-key for a special someone (or a group of special someones); or even just doing nothing is fine!

Yes, you might be thinking that it's because I have a partner, that's why I'm soooo into this "Valentine's marketing ploy". Truth be told, I'd rather take the time and effort to make something instead of buying it in a store. It's how I hope to show a little bit of genuinity to my partner, friends and family. Don't be mistaken though, you're not any less genuine by spending money on gifts; just remember to show kindness and care to all your loved ones on the other 364 days of the year! Traditionally, Valentine's Day was meant for romanticism but really, there shouldn't be a strict rule about who this applies to. Love should be expressed every single day to those around you (not just your partner) instead of focusing all your efforts on just one day.

My kind of love language is gift giving (and little acts of service). Being able to do that for the ones that matter makes me happy. It's so delightful seeing someone's face light up from something I've done/given them; and when they're happy, I'm happy. And that should be a good enough reason to spread love.

I think those who thrive on seeing others being upset is just sad. The world would be a much better place when everyone can just chill and be happy.

I totally get that some people are anti-Valentine's because it's become way too commercialised and businesses are striving to make a lucrative profit from it. That's okay because I agree that it's become more and more ridiculous over the years. But try not to rain on other people's parades if they decide to go on a splurge. It's really not for anyone to judge because it's their lives to live, not ours.

There's no rule that states that Valentine's has to be all about that boyfriend-girlfriend thing. It's your day to spend with whoever you want; or it can just be another regular day for some self-love!

So let's all just be happy, and celebrate life (if not Valentine's)! x

Thanks for staying till the end! (:

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Much love xx

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