• Kimmy Pang

Get Your Head in the Game

Drowning in work, work and more work? We're all living life full of responsibilities and #deadlines. All you need to know is, DON'T PANIC!

I've always been an anxious person even when I don't show it. It gets especially worse with work piling up and important events happening. There's a constant nagging feeling at the back of my mind, affecting my sleep which in turn affects my mood. I'm sure you all know how it is. Recently, I've had a lot to deal with and I realised how important 5 minutes is to keep me on track (and not go totally berserk).

Most of us are living busy lives, whether it's job-related or life in general.

So, before you start pulling your hair out because of stress, try taking 5 minutes to get back on track and achieve your goal!

1. Breathe

Calm down. You know you can't focus when you're in a frenzy. The more time you spend worrying, the less you get done.

Put away all forms of distractions (mobile phone and laptop), close your eyes and count to ten. Clearing your mind even for a second gives you time to recharge for what comes next.

2. Make a list

No matter how unimportant you think the task is, add it on if it needs to get done. It is YOUR to-do list.

My list consisted of:

Ordering groceries online

Writing job applications

Preparing for a job interview

Applying for a postgraduate diploma

Revamping the blog

Clothes shopping for my next holiday

Organising a wine appreciation night with friends

Organising a Christmas meal with work colleagues

I prioritise the items on the list according to how quickly I can get it done. If it's something that'll literally take less than 10 minutes to sort out, I do that first so I can cross it off the list. There's definitely satisfaction seeing your list shorten. Next, I rank them in order of urgency - giving most attention to the ones with urgent deadlines.

Try not to procrastinate. Get one item on the list done and move on to the next.

3. Goals

With my diary, I set myself daily, weekly and monthly goals according to my to-do list. The moment I become fixated on accomplishing the tasks, my mind lets go of the worry and I just get on with it. Mama always says, “don’t worry your little head off” and she’s right.

When you set yourself realistic deadlines for these goals, you're most likely going to make it happen.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt

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