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Half Cup

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Gotta start your Saturday right with a good brunch

All-day brunch with gluten-free, vegan, soya options available.

Cafes/restaurants with exciting menus make your dining experience more delightful. Half Cup nailed this aspect by switching things up - making food that looks aesthetically beautiful and not to mention super yum! Basic brunch ingredients creatively put together to spice up your Saturday morning.

This is a great place for a quick catch up and tasty food. Be mindful that you might be sharing tables with other customers but that wasn't an issue for us.

Location: 100-102 Judd St, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9NT

Saturday Queue Time: avg. 45-60 minutes (no bookings)

Website: http://www.halfcup.co.uk/

Before Brunch:

You don't have to wait in line for your table. Put your name onto the queueing list and make the most of your time since you're already in the area! Go for a short walk at the Brunswick Shopping Centre; or if it's bright and sunny, why not have a sit-down on the grass at Brunswick Square Gardens to have a breather (you might see a squirrel or two!).

What We Ordered:

Breakfast charcoal burger with bacon, fried egg, avocado and tomato chutney

I never usually go for burgers for brunch but I was sold at charcoal burger. Anything weird and wonderful is meant to be tried.

Oreo french toast dressed with nutella mascarpone and strawberries

I was worried about the french toast being too sweet of a dish but it was absolutely perfect. All the ingredients went well together and the nutella mascarpone was the right touch to complete the dish.

Change in menu: The oreo french toast is now replaced with the sweet brioche french toast with chocolate soil, miso caramel, rhubarb puree and chantily cream. It sounds like something I'd choose from the menu at first glance the next time I visit!

Beetroot latte, turmeric latte (oat, coconut or almond milk available)

I don't favour drinks that are just full of sugar or syrup till I can't even taste the flavour of the latte; so the beetroot latte was just right for me. The turmeric latte wasn't as expected as it didn't have much flavour, though the yellow really stood out.

After Brunch:

Head to Coal Drops Yard to discover an entirely new shopping/dining scene. You can enjoy a lovely stroll by the canalside whilst admiring the beautiful Victorian architecture at the heart of King’s Cross.

This will be the first of many posts on food + activities to do or places to explore after your meal! I love to make the most of my weekends so instead of just travelling for food, why not explore the area you’re in as well ey?

Much love xx

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