• Kimmy Pang

Never Too Busy

Find time to do the things you wanna do

I don’t believe that when you’ve started working full-time, you gotta let go of the things you love doing. Just be strategic in understanding your schedule and thinking about a good routine; and try not to break it.

Instagram has been my go-to to share creative photos and build a diary of happy moments with the people I love. Recently, I took it up a notch to post a photo every day.

Having a busy schedule shouldn’t make it difficult to do so and here’s how I manage my feed on top of everything else:

1. Maintaining my Instagram feed

I use the Preview app to help plan my posts for the next few days. It’s a great free app to visually plan how your feed would look before posting anything online. Planning your feed in advance makes it easier for daily posting cause you've already made the decision on which photos you'd like to appear on your page.

You can download the app here on:

Apple store

Google play store

As the photo collection grows, it makes posting daily so much swifter. When I find some spare time, I start editing the photos and add them into Preview to see how the photo would work with the rest of my feed. My favourite time to post is either in the morning before work or during my break; which allows me some free time in the evening to sort out everything else.

The entire process of photo editing doesn't take more that 30 minutes and it's all done on my phone (using Lightroom CC) so it fits perfectly into my day!

2. Gym time

Evening time (after work) is gym time. No matter how busy you get, fitting in some sort of exercise does actually make you feel much better about yourself. The more you delay going to the gym, the tougher it is to leave the house. So, even on the busiest of days, I fit in a good 30 mins straight after work and it makes my night much more productive.

Exercise helps relieve stress and anxiety and I find that it lifts up my mood throughout the week. It's my remedy back in university during exam periods and still is now. Cardio shouldn't be your only focus; and anything that gets your heart pumping should do the trick.

A happy body is a happy mind

3. Meal prep

Packing your own lunchbox gives you full control of what goes into your body. Choosing the right ingredients will give you the nutrients and energy you need to power through the day. It's great having to cook what you love and enjoy it at work/school; that's what makes me look forward to lunch breaks so much when I've had a hectic morning! Plus, you save some money.

Since I've been actively exercising, I wanted to increase my protein intake to gain more lean weight; so cooking my own meals help with that. I prefer less carb-heavy meals and adding in larger portions of meat and veggies prevents me from getting hungry before my next meal! The snacks in between helps with that too.

Foods to try if you're thinking of protein alternatives: avocados, chicken, turkey, eggs, oats, salmon, legumes, greek yoghurt, quinoa, tuna.

4. Writing the next blog post

Whenever I think of a new idea for my blog post, I write it on the Wix mobile app. I've considered a few platforms but was drawn to Wix as I could blog anytime and from anywhere; which is mostly on the train en route to London. If you are thinking of adding in something extra to your already packed schedule, consider how you could make it easier for yourself so it's more sustainable down the line.

Instagram polls and direct messages I've been receiving have been so helpful in deciding what people would like to read next; so keep it coming guys and thanks so much for all the lovely feedback xx

The rest of my free time goes to either myself or the people around me. Surround yourself with good people who'll be your constant source of positivity and motivation; and that'll be part of your drive on days you feel like it's all too much too handle.

Thanks for staying till the end!

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Much love xx

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