• Kimmy Pang

Note to self

I’ve met a few people over time who’ve only decided to pick themselves up after hitting rock bottom. If you’re lucky enough to never been at the stage where you’re at your lowest, then just keep going.

It’s easy to let yourself go; and let your dreams/goals fade away. I think each and everyone of us have been in the stage of denial one way or another. Minutes turn into hours, hours into days, months, years.. and before you realise, it's already too late.

Since it’s the start of a new year, I thought this post would be fit for purpose; a gentle reminder to myself and to you, dear readers. To remind ourselves that we deserve everything we've worked for.

This post was inspired by a few good people.

Write out 4 goals you want to achieve this year

Be realistic. Be specific.

Make a long list of things you've always wanted to do/achieve, say 10. Now cut the list down to something more achievable in the span of the next year or so. I think that it's so easy to lose sight of your goals when you have so much you want to do; or things you already have on your plate. But truth be told, you gotta YOLO it. The longer you procrastinate, the further away you stray from actually living your life.

My goals list for 2019:

  • Travel to a new city every 3 months

  • Upping my fitness regime (conditioning, strength, stamina)

  • Proactively learning to keep my clinical knowledge up-to-date at least once a week (NERD ALERT)

  • Boosting my own brand with more collaborations

**Scroll to the bottom to download a free copy of a goals list template that you can stick up on your wall so you don't lose sight of what you need to accomplish!

The planning stage

Focus on what you can do to chase your dreams.

Travelling always involves cost. That’s why the planning stage is the most important for me. Knowing about my budget and the approximate travel cost helps me plan ahead. Times when I feel like I’m cutting it close to exceeding my monthly budget, I decide on an alternative travel destination which might be less taxing on my bank account.

What goes on in my head when I'm thinking of my next trip

  • Budget (travel tickets, accommodation, trip's daily spend)

  • Time (Amount of annual leave I have to take) - top tip: plan holidays around public holidays so you need to take less time off and still have more leave saved up for the next trip!

  • Top things to do + see

  • Local food to try

That’s why you have to plan ahead so you’ll know what you need to do to make it happen. Improvise when you hit a roadblock, but don’t stop moving.

Keep the ball rolling

Just remember: if you give up now, that means you didn't actually really want it, you just kinda wanted it (quoted from a dear friend, HS).

A little background on why it would be such a bad idea to give up a few days of gym when I'm on-call. When I joined my first High Intensity Interval Training class back in November, man.. I felt like I was going to faint and was just absolutely breathless when the instructor was still screaming "5 more burpees". This coming from someone who used to have more stamina in university, playing competitive sports every week was just crazy. I couldn't believe how much I've let myself go, fitness wise. And for some reason, during those months I succumbed to a bunch of unhealthy food + snacks (not that I don't anymore, but lesser than before) which made me feel even more crap about myself.

Now, I'm just focusing on loving my body and feeding myself healthier options and occasionally treating myself to cheat days. Please never ever go on a diet, it doesn't do you or your body any good and I've personally never felt the need to do that. Treat your body right.

After I started it, I just didn't want to stop anymore. Anyone who's been regularly going to the gym knows the feeling of missing out on a few days. It's so much tougher to get back into it than actually pushing yourself to go when you're already on a roll.

Stop making excuses, start making plans


Be happy with what you've accomplished no matter how little you've done; it's much better than not even starting at all.

Every end of the month, look back at when you first started to work towards your goal and see how much you’ve achieved. That’s what keeps me going. Any amount of effort you’ve put in would be more than what you’ve started with and you’d definitely be proud of that.

What are you waiting for? Spare 5 minutes to do this now!

Share with me your experiences and if you feel like you wanna have a chat about it, DM me on my instagram and I’d be more than willing to help!

Goals list template: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Nqr-ktZiT1IU8kEwFyx--Ui1VFFbX0vK/view?usp=sharing

Much love and thanks for staying till the end xx

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