• Kimmy Pang

Online Dating

We're in the 21st century and there's an app for almost anything you can think of, including finding your one true love

The idea of meeting someone you met online can be scary, crazy even especially with predators out there if you're not careful enough. Going past that, is it really so wrong to try and find a different kind of company if you just don't meet enough people outside your circle? I'm not pushing everyone to try dating apps but I don't think that judgement should be thrown at people who do without looking at the bigger picture.

I'm lucky to have met my other half in college but not everybody would come across someone who'd even catch their attention; or maybe somewhere along the way it just didn’t work out anymore. And as the years go by, you'd be thinking "I'll meet him/her eventually" but how? If you're working a 9 to 5 job, you meet the same group of friends and you've exhausted your network of getting to know new faces, mustering up the courage to put yourself out there by any means necessary is truly admirable. Society has the perception that if you're on a dating app, you gotta get on dates right away but that's not it. You’ve put yourself online to meet people you've missed along the way and if he/she is the right match after you get talking, then you'd move on to a date which isn't always guaranteed; and more often now, it can just be a friendly meet-up of two people who share common interests.

"It's embarrassing if people found out that I met him/her online" is the most common thought going through people's minds.

It's only embarrassing if you care or you have something to be ashamed of

Technology has grown so much over the years and it's up to us whether we grow with it. Back in the days, match-making with random strangers was so common and most just go with it. How is that better than where we are now? Dating platforms give you the freedom of making that choice for yourself and about what you put on your profile. I'm not supporting the idea of putting everything about yourself online cause that's making you a target for predators; but more of freely expressing what you like/don't like. There can be pros and cons to dating apps/online dating but I don't think that shade should be thrown on those who do use these platforms cause it's not your life you're gossiping about, it's theirs. If that's how someone wants to find their source of happiness (not that a partner should be your only way of finding joy), why should we stop them from doing so if we've already found ours?

Safety is a big issue with online dating. We don't live in a fairytale world and bad things do happen; so if you are looking to try online dating, don't be too naive about what the other says about him/herself. Your safety is always priority and don't be making hasty decisions that compromise that.

A short post on what I think about this topic but no hate to those who choose to use/not use online dating platforms!

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Much love x

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