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Southern France

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Conquering the South of France in 6 days

Watch the cinematic travel video below featuring breathtaking landscapes of the South of France and the beautiful people I got to share my summer holiday with:

Shot and edited by the talented boyfriend, Jae. Do show him support by sharing this video and hope that you're inspired to visit Southern France after watching this!

Scroll down to check out the top favourite places I absolutely loved from this trip.


Basilique Saint-Sernin de Toulouse

Listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO, this majestic brick and stone basilica definitely stood out from afar. The largest Romanesque church in France is worth a visit after having some dessert at Le Flower's Cafe.

What to order: Their famous banoffee pie paired with freshly squeezed orange juice (DUHH!)

Capitole de Toulouse

This emblematic building houses the town hall and the opera house. The main square is the beating heart of Toulouse so do expect a hustle and bustle atmosphere.

Tip: You don't need to avoid crowds to take a good photo in front of this elegant building, just climb up onto the concrete blocks and voilà!


Did you know that Walt Disney's inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's home came after he visited Carcassone? Went for a hairstyle suited for the Disney theme though totally unrelated to Sleeping Beauty. The medieval citadel overlooking the 'new town' is a great place to spend your afternoon - especially after having a hearty meal at Le Jardin Du Carcasses.

What to order: Their famous duck cassoulet paired with a bottle of local red wine

Le Grau-du-Roi

Plage de l'Espiguette

Every summer holiday has to be completed with the perfect sandy beach. The King of Languedoc's beaches did not disappoint with its long stretch of fine sandy dunes.


Monte-Carlo Casino

Make a visit here to admire the the richly decorated building even if you don't plan to gamble! Groups of tourists were flooding around the entrance of the iconic casino so it was a challenge to capture a good shot; settled for one at the back of the building instead!

Monaco's all about that glitz and glamour; it's a totally different vibe and I love it.


Long Beach

This is the shade of blue everyone needs

Eze village

A charming little village of narrow passages and medieval houses perched in the mountains between Monaco and Nice. This hidden gem offers a spectacular panaromic view of the sea and was definitely the best way to end our trip to the South of France!

We had to have escargots since we're in France so we settled for lunch at Restaurant Le Nid D'Aigle.

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