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Spring Capsule

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Three timeless casual outfits for spring

I woke up like this

Put the sweaters away. It's time for tees for days.

This look is meant for relaxed days when you're having some time off. It’s effortless. A plain white tee goes so well with absolutely anything you can think of - denim jeans, skirts, shorts etc therefore it should be a wardrobe essential. The great thing about it is that you can find it in almost every store. If you have an errand to run and are worried you might bump into someone you know/want to impress, pair your tee with a skirt and blazer and you're good to go!

Plain white tee from Cotton On Malaysia

Striped wide leg pants from H&M

Hangin' with friends

This is great for a day out with friends. The edgy casual vibe without looking too sporty. Since the bomber jacket is already bulky enough, choosing the right outfit to match can be tough. The choice of tops/dresses would also depend on the colour and style of the jacket. My choice of bombers have been more casual for chill days out by pairing it with jeans and a tank top. If you own a more sophisticated bomber jacket, pair it with fluid tops or v-necks for a dressier vibe.

Bomber jacket from Topshop

Blue mini dress from Cotton On Malaysia

It’s a date

Spring can still be a little chilly so layering a dress over your favourite tee might just do the trick. A pinafore dress is oh-so-cute with its thick straps and there's so many different ways you can style it, even for autumn. You can pair this outfit with sandals or sneakers and get away with it cause it's just so versatile. It's the perfect date outfit without looking too dressy! If this style isn't for you, try dungaree dresses for a fun look; you're bound to find something that suits you whether it's velvet or denim.

Striped shirt from New Look

Pinafore dress from Miss Selfridge

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