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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

From tea-drinker only to americanos and back to good ol' lattes

Never would I have thought that I would become an official coffee drinker cause I absolutely love teas. I guess I belong in the crazy tea lady section with bags of different loose teas stocked up in the cupboard, tailored to all my different moods.

It was a surprise for me to fall into the coffee trap since I never responded well to it in the first place. My first time trying coffee was when I made the mistake of ordering 2 caramel lattes in a day (bad idea I know); and of course later that night everything felt weird. Not even trying to dramatise this: the feeling of pins and needles in my finger tips, face going numb and my heart thumping. Friends surrounding me were asking me if I was okay and whether they should call an ambulance but all I wanted to do was dig a hole and hide from the embarrassment.

There's a lot of news and articles about coffee and how it doesn't actually cause irregular heartbeats but it somehow felt that way for me the first time.

Fun fact: Coffee is actually rich in a chemical compound called polyphenols which can lower blood pressure and possibly reduce the risk of heart disease (but of course at regular, non-addictive amounts).

It's the caffeine itself that acts as a stimulant which in turn makes your heart race and that's probably what happened to me. You might think as an established tea drinker, I should already be accustomed to the caffeine since some teas have higher caffeine content than coffee. That my dear readers is an urban myth.

It's true that tea leaves have a higher caffeine content compared to coffee before they are brewed. However, a lot of the caffeine left in the tea leaves are then thrown away leaving you with less in the tea than in coffee.

Even when I was solely a tea-drinker, the smell of coffee beans is heavenly to me; which probably explains the coffee scrubs I have at home. This is great for a gift or even for yourself as a body exfoliant - highly recommended after trying it myself! If you're looking for something for your face, maybe try having a look at some of my recommendations on K-beauty favs.

I thought to try coffee again when starting my first job. This time trying not to make the same mistake twice, starting slow and letting my body adjust to it. I didn't think that a caffeine boost was needed to help me get through the day but succumbed to it eventually. Oat/soy milk wasn't available unless you brought it in yourself so it was mostly black coffee for me at work. The number of cups of coffee I had a week increased gradually and so did the energy drops.

This wasn't going to work.

I decided to cut back on the coffee at work and only have it occasionally; lattes as a treat on weekends. I didn't want to depend on caffeine to function, afraid that it'll affect my body in the long term. Instead, resorting to the following kept me going throughout the day (without the energy drops):

  • Drinking plenty of water (steer away from sugary carbonated drinks, it's not the same as water!)

  • Having snacks packed for a break before lunch (energy bar, fruits)

  • Packing lunches higher in protein and vege heavy (cause food high in carbs make you sleepy, not great for afternoons)

  • Indulging in a good cup of Japanese green tea (it wakes you up but it doesn't give you the jitters like coffee can; it's a great antioxidant and helps you digest your food better too - perfect if you had a hearty lunch)

The right way to brew green tea: Add cold water into your mug just enough to cover the tea leaves, then add the boiling water. You won't burn the tea leaves that way and it's the best way to enjoy green tea!

I love a good cup of tea/coffee as a treat instead of a state of dependence.

Too much of a good thing can become bad

So from tea to coffee, I chose to do right by my body.

Hope you enjoyed this read!

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