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The Attendant

Weekends are meant for good food and good company

The Attendant has stores in Clerkenwell, Fitzoria and Shoreditch. Menus may differ from store to store so check their website before heading there. Best visit early as they operate on a first come first serve basis!

Shoreditch branch

Location: 74 Great Eastern St, Hackney, London EC2A 3JL, UK

Saturday queue time: 15-20 minutes (no bookings)

Website: https://the-attendant.com

Before brunch:

Take a stroll along the streets of Shoreditch; Lined with artistic murals and graffiti, every corner is the perfect Instagram shot. Each visit here will surprise you - whether it's pop-up stores or rooftop bars, you'll definitely have a good time.

What we ordered:

Turmeric latte (top); Beetroot latte (bottom)

It's becoming a norm to see these superfood lattes on café menus. A glass of steamy, creamy beetroot/turmeric latte in the morning is a great alternative to caffeine. The earthy taste of beetroot is not for everyone but if you haven't tried it before, give it a go for a beautiful vibrant start to your day. Both these lattes are a thumbs up from me!

Buddha bowl (rice with falafel, red lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, spinach, edamame beans and tzatziki sauce)

This is a great dish for a refreshing start to the morning. The tzatziki sauce is rather refreshing and brings all the flavours of the dish together. This dish is ideal for the warmer days ahead!

Brioche bun bacon roll with poached egg, chipotle jam and cheese

Tip: Though there's only fried egg on the menu with the bacon roll, you can request for the staff to change it to poached egg instead! Just remember that the egg is an addition and doesn't usually come with the bacon roll.

Banana bread topped with mascarpone and strawberry compote

If you do make a visit, I'd highly recommend the banana bread. Packed full of flavour yet not too cringingly sweet; with its moist texture and super soft crumbs, it'll certainly leave you wanting more!

After brunch:

For tea enthusiasts, make a visit to Bird & Blend Tea Co. in Angel! Take bus number 43 and hop off at Angel station. The store is just a minute walk away! The teas you find here will be lovely as a gift or even for yourself. Try cold brewing it with soy milk (ask the staff for a sample so you know what I mean) overnight and have it in the morning!

Finish off the afternoon with some desserts. Katsute 100 is a Japanese tea room which serves matcha-flavoured baked goods and lattes. Be warned that it does get quite cramped in there so try to visit in smaller groups!

Thanks for staying till the end!

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