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WFH Productivity

Working hard or barely working?

Working from home has its perks until you realise you’ve stopped being productive. I‘m working a 830am-5pm job but some weekends, I’d still like to get some work done. So, I totally get the frustration when you‘ve ended the day feeling like you’ve gotten nothing on the to-do list ticked off.

Here are some tips to boost productivity when working from home!

1. De-clutter your space

An overabundance of junk around you can clutter your mind, creating stress before you've even started your day. Clutter takes days or even weeks to build up, and can take a matter of a few minutes to clear. It only takes a bit of effort to start your day right, so let's get to it!

I can't leave my bedroom in the morning without making the bed. It's not much, but leaving that serene space clean and tidy sparks the feeling of positivity at the start of the day. Next, of course is to clear up your workstation. The purpose of clearing up the stuff around you isn't just to create more physical space, but also to calm your mental and emotional state. I realise how easily I get distracted with the things around me, making me lose focus on what I'm actually doing.

2. Nourish yourself

Mealtime is my favourite part of the day, always feeling excited about what to eat. I'm not one for skipping meals because it makes me feel too lethargic to even do anything. If you want to be productive, feed yourself well. Stay away from oily/junk and carb-heavy foods as it'll make you feel sleepy and lazy after. For extreme munchers like me, snacking is a necessity - but let's make it a healthier one. Sugary desserts give you that temporary high, but soon after, you'll drop and a nap is the only think you'd be able to think about. Although fruits/energy bars are healthier substitutes, still treat yourself with your favourite chocolates/cakes once in awhile to kill the boredom of staying at home! Just remember not to make it a habit x

Think about those cavities & diabetes..

When I'm at home, my routine always involves making a nice drink whilst I get work done, whether it's a warm cup of latte or iced dalgona drink. I always remember to stay hydrated (with water! not fizzy/carbonated drinks) throughout the day - not only does it improve my complexion, it lifts that dehydration-induced fog to boost my focus.

Most importantly, TAKE BREAKS!

3. Break time

I find myself wasting the entire day watching shows on Netflix as a repercussion of taking a "short" break. When I know I need to get sh*t done, I (try to) stay away from social media platforms, YouTube and Netflix. Because I know, the moment I get sucked into it, it's over; I have zero self control.

Instead, I've been resorting to other means to get my mind and body refreshed and re-energised, eg. meditation. Meditation wasn't something I was keen on right from the start. But the more I did it, the better it felt. Currently, I'm using the Headspace app to learn more about mindfulness and how to deal with my thoughts. Having a healthier mind keeps me calm and contented, lessening the emotional mood swings. Being able to block out the pessimism and clear out the traffic in my mind opens doors for creativity and productivity!

4. Picking up newfound interests

With lockdown, everyone's becoming MasterChefs and pro-bakers in the kitchen. Truth be told, that's me (or at least trying to be one of them). I've dabbled in a lot of interesting activities to pass time but end up enjoying it. One of those interests include watercolour painting!

It's very relaxing and barely takes up much of my time. The feeling of accomplishment is so rewarding, especially to see the blend of colours in the final artwork right in front of me. Rather than lying in bed all day long (which I still sometimes do), breaking away from the potato life routine has resulted in increased productivity when its time for me to focus on work. So, even when I'm not doing work, I still try to keep busy (:

5. The power of scents

Your home is your sanctuary. Incorporating pleasant fragrances into your personal space can have a profound impact on your mood and wellbeing. Having that positive flow of energy in the air encourages you to work and live better!

My personal favourite home fragrance now has to be the Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom reed diffuser from Rituals. The sweet aroma evokes feelings of calmness and tranquility to help boost my concentration. The tip on scents is that a little goes a long way. Avoid mixing scents in the same room as that can become overpowering and is never pleasant for the nose!

Things may/may not go back to normal soon, but I do hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. If you're going crazy staying at home, just remember you're saving lives #stayingathome!

Thanks for staying till the end!

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Much love xx

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